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It's been a loooong year for us, my son and I. We were asked to move out of our dream place as the landlady's son, girl friend and children needed a place to live and ours had enough bedrooms. Not complaining as it is her house and they can do what they want with it of course. We lived there in our lovely patch of the woods enjoying it all, the trees, the critters, the peace and quiet for nearly 10 years. But with all the 'stuff' that we had and my health challenges, it was quite the life journey for us.

We were asked to leave December 1st of 2017 and given the target of March 2018, which I said, no way we can do that by then. Winter months, so much to get rid of, can't do yard sales in the winter. So they gave us till the end of May. We started collecting boxes and packing Jan 1st. That continued for months and months. Luckily we had connected with some new neighbors who jumped in and took things, traded things for work and even purchased a few items.

Family and friends kept saying, where are you going? They were worried, but I just have always had such wonderful 'house angels' on board to find places that I wasn't concerned. Finally I started looking a little as others started to panic....and again my house finding angels guided me to a local real estate agent who handle rentals and they had a place that they were just trying to help the landlords find someone. So it turned out we knew them and they were happy to have us, deal done! But having to move in sooner then we had expected. So faster packing, more angels coming in to help with that and so many helping us to move, in cars, trucks, vans and more. I told the landlady we could be out sooner for them to move in but as it turned out we needed a few extra days.

We had to find a moving company and luckily again the local furniture seller had some of their workers that worked on the side moving people. The two young men came on a rainy sunday morning at 6am, they rented the van and drove it here, loaded all up and then took it to the new place and unloaded and were off. So we were set except for somethings in the garage and pump house and outside things to get.

We started to settle down but then I had sever pains and swelling in my legs, and had to go to ER. They wrapped my legs and told me to take diuretics and keep them up but I had such severe pains in my hips and legs that I saw my doctor and he said I had 'piriformis syndrome'....which is insanely painful and bad. It's complicated to explain, but is on the web, and has to do with swelling around the sciatica nerve and legs charlie horsed, pains, shooting if I laid down, sat up, walked, bent over, reached, anything. So certain exercises seemed to be the fix so I started those when I could stand it, then I went to physical therapy which made it worse, then to acupuncture which didn't help either. So I just focused on the exercises and got better and better.

Just at the point where I felt almost normal, and even could walk without my cane, then another weird pain started in my left groin area. Back to the doctor and we were trying to figure it out, and it kept getting worse. Finally a friend took me to ER and they did a CT scan and found I had pelvis fractures which is not a good thing. Seemed the only thing to do was to lie low, not drive or go anywhere and take it easy for 6 weeks, or 8 weeks or maybe 3 months. This is what I am still doing, still using the walker, not in the extreme pain but can't put too much weight on left with normal walking. So to while my time away, I am creating my Christmas Angel refrigerator magnets to sell. I tell everyone it keeps me out of trouble and gives me something positive to focus on besides my aging body. Here is one of them and link to my website, I am thinking of putting them on Etsy to sell and/or doing the Christmas faire here in town. What do you think?

They are all hand made, sewn and I do it all, even paint the faces and make the hair, wings and robes. I hope you like them. This might be the last time I can do this as my eyes just keep getting worse, I hope not and pray they will respond to new glasses sometime soon.....


my website is:



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Sedna is the sea goddess of the Inuit people. She embodies both the mother and crone aspect of the triple goddess.
Common symbols for Sedna include water, an eye (sees all things in her domain), and fish. She embodies the ideals of thankfulness, providence, nature, and abundance.
She was born a mortal, and later became both the mother of the sea and the keeper of the dead.



"Sedna", Goddess of the Sea

Original clay sculpture, with a metallic finish

For sale by owner and creator.
There are no replicas of this, nor copies.

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